About WeHoX

What makes the City of West Hollywood’s innovation program unique?

The West Hollywood 5 E’s of Innovation

Embrace New Ideas

Often governments rely on stale and traditional civic methods to address modern urban challenges. WeHoX encourages the exploration of new and novel ideas to solve our civic challenges, especially ideas outside of the government sector.

Engage Beyond Government

An innovation team does not work in a silo and non-governmental collaboration is particularly important. WeHoX pushes the City to look outside of government to private sector, non-profit, and international partners to discover solutions to pressing challenges.

Envision Future Needs

One of the more difficult (but exciting!) aspects of an innovation program is anticipating what’s next.  This requires having a pulse on current and developing projects within all departments inside City Hall, keeping an ear to the ground to hear about new programs and opportunities outside of City Hall, and focusing on being nimble and easily adaptable to new ideas.

Embed Throughout City Hall

Innovation does not happen in a vacuum – to accomplish the WeHoX goals and strategies innovation must be embedded in all departments and divisions. The WeHoX program is set up so that all departments have a role to play in the innovation process and the WeHoX team serves as an in-house consulting team, developing the capacity of all staff by giving them the skills and resources to achieve innovation goals.

Expand Incrementally

Innovation does not happen overnight and one great idea is not enough.  WeHoX promotes the City’s continued support for prototyping and piloting special projects that can be scaled and expanded upon demonstrating successful small-scale implementation.